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Dabbing Innovation

The amazing Swabpod™ Apollo Generation 1 is a device we believe every dabber should own and use religiously. Swabpod™ technology provides an innovative, clean, convenient, and fun way to store and dispense cotton swabs. We know dabbing can be dangerous and we are huge advocates for safety, especially when in the home. Swabbing after every dab not only prevents oil fires, but it ensures the life and longevity of your quartz! Avid dabbers know that if you dab it, you must immediately swab it! This not only promotes the quality of your quartz, it guarantees your next dab is delicious.

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Custom Cure Tips™

Don’t forget to fill your Swabpod™ with our custom Cure Tips™ featuring a durable bamboo stick, 100% premium cotton, and custom pointed tip. Our unique maximum absorption cotton can handle oil residue of all types and sizes. One pack of 105qty is included with each Swabpod™ purchase.


Still wondering how it works? Watch the informative video below.

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