High Times Cannabis Cup Nor-Cal 2019 took place on June 1st and June 2nd in Santa Rosa, California. The Humboldt Cure was unable to get a booth for the event but we still made an appearance and entered some of our best product; Punch Berries Live Resin Diamonds and The Humboldt Cure Mix Vape Cartridge. In attendance was some of the best Cannabis Brands from around the world, and it was sure to be a very close competition. No doubt, the judges had their work cut out for them and in the end they chose The Humboldt Cure Mix Vape Cartridge as the 1st place best vape cart and our Punch Berries Live Resin as the 2nd place best Indica Concentrate. The Humboldt Cure would like to thank Coachella Manufacturing for their collaborative efforts in producing these award winning products.


The Following is the complete list of winners for the High Times Cannabis Cup Nor-Cal 2019.

Best Indica Flower
1st Place – (Greenstone) Top Shelf Cultivation – Whoa-Si-Whoa
2nd place – Sovereign – Blueberry Muffin
3rd place – Lithouse – Dark Dosi

Best Sativa Flower
1st Place – Sovereign – Mother’s Milk
2nd Place – Atrium Cultivation – Lemon Love
3rd Place – Team Elite Genetics – Orange Juice

Hybrid Flower
1st place – North County Pharms – Dosickeys
2nd place – Atrium Cultivation– Juicy Gusher
3rd Place – Fig Farms– Animal Face

Sungrown Flower
1st place – LitHouse – lava cake
2nd Place – Relentless Enterprises INC – Grandpa’s T.I.T.S.
3rd Place – Honeydew Farms – Sundae Driver

Sativa Concentrate
1st Place – Apex – Banana Pudding
2nd Place- Nug – Premium Jack Sorbet
3rd place – Apex – Sled Dawg

Indica Concentrate
1st Place – Raw Garden – Banana Punch Live Diamonds
2nd Place – The Humboldt Cure / Coachella Manufacturing Punch Berries Live Sauce
3rd Place – Nug – Dosidos

Hybrid Concentrate
1st Place – Apex – Starburst OG x Dosidos
2nd Place – Nug – Kandy Kush
3rd Place – Cresco – Strawberry Banana Live Resin Sugar

1st Place – Blue river – Frosty Strawnana Mochi Live Flan
2nd Place – Feeling Frosty – Pink Lemonade
3rd Place – Papa’s Select – Papaya Live Resin

Infused Product
1st place – Lola Lola – trance
2nd Place – Papa’s & Barkley – Releaf Tinctures
3rd Place – Sovereign – Mothers Milk Geode

1st place – Goldenseed – Sunset Sherbert
2nd Place – Lithouse – Dark Dosi
3rd Place – LoudPack -Orange Creamsicle

Vape Pen
1st place – The Humboldt Cure / Coachella ManufacturingThe Humboldt Cure Mix Pen
2nd Place – Team Elite Genetics – Peach Soda Live Resin Sauce
3rd Place – Raw Garden – Strawberry Mojito

1st Place – Loud Pack – Peppermint Cannabis Infused Mints
2nd Place   – Dixie – Sour Smash Hybrid Gummies
3rd Place – Heavenly Sweets – Chili Lime Crackers

1st place – Papa’s & Barkley – Topical Relief Balm
2nd Place – Mary’s Medicinals – Muscle Relief
3rd Place – Heavenly Sweet – Roll oN