The Humboldt Cure harnesses decades of marijuana cultivation, and extraction to craft their cannabis line expertly. They founded their brand in 2015, prepared to enter the budding marijuana market and take the competition by storm. The Humboldt Cure already knew their products were excellent, so it was no surprise that two days after they created their first branded distillates they placed in best vape cartridge and best product at Dabathon 3. Since their dazzling debut, The Humboldt Cure’s cannabis has garnered nineteen different awards across dozens of competitions, and will soon expand their grow to 2.5 acres of indoor and outdoor cultivation, a state-of-the-art manufacturing center, and processing licenses. For them, however, cannabis is simply what they know and love, and The Humboldt Cure’s core mission is to spread the positive power of expert-level cannabis.



Organic is the name of the game with The Humboldt Cure’s cannabis operations. They grow their top-shelf flower both indoor and outdoor, planting in soil and utilizing all-organic techniques to quality control their cultivation. Sourcing genetics from DNA Genetics, Emerald Triangle, CS Humboldt and more, The Humboldt Cure’s garden has unique, elite clone-only strains not found anywhere else on the market. They use an solvent-free extraction processes to produce  their award-winning distillate. The Humboldt Cure’s  pressed rosin comes from their extra sugary supplies of kief.



The Humboldt Cure’s finely made cannabis goods span the spectrum of cannabis, offering an excellent medicated experience no matter what their customers are looking to experience. Their top-shelf flowers travel to dispensaries across California, with their Fo Sho OG a particular patient favorite. Their rosin is chock-full of aromatic terpenes, and their dab syringes make dabbing a breeze, easily able to squeeze out a dose of any size. From their medicated beverages to their bubble hash and vape cartridges, The Humboldt Cure caters to any discerning cannabis connoisseur.


Lab Testing:

The Humboldt Cure cares about the quality of their marijuana products, and take every step to ensure they offer nothing but the purest, cleanest cannabis experience to their customers. They test with SC Labs, Coastal Analytics, and other California-based labs to check for potency, pesticides, fungicides, mold, mildew, terpenes, and more.



Eager patients can find The Humboldt Cure’s cannabis in Imperial County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County in such dispensaries as CCC and Southwest Patient Group, and soon they’ll find their products in the Bay Area, OC and the Inland Empire.